Unsung Heros

Post Vietnam to the Present


  • Bray CPT Linda
  • Milliken Panama Woman


Persian Gulf (Desert Storm)

  • Group of Soldiers in Red Berets
  • Medics at Aid Stations
  • People Magazine Cover 1990 Mom Goes to War



  • 1st Lt Jeannie FLynn
  • A1C Lilian Smith Performs Maintenance on a B-52H Weapons Pylon
  • AMN Angela Padgett at the Controls

  • Black Women Shooting
  • Cynthia J. Valentin, Commanding Officer
  • Fallen Warrior

  • Iraq Army Air Force Group
  • Major Gina Sabric Poses with Her Plane
  • Marines Corporal School Training

  • On board USS Theodore Roosevelt
  • Recruit listens intently to her Drill Sergeant
  • Specialist (SPC) Michelle Higgins Stands Watch

  • Woman Shooting Gun
  • Woman Takes Aim
  • Women Servin in Afghanistan

  • Women Military
  • AF Sniper
  • Air Force Paratrooper

  • Battle Truck
  • Blood on the Uniform
  • Convoy with Female Driver

  • Driver
  • Female MP in Afghanistan
  • In Tank

  • KIA
  • KIA
  • KIA

  • Medical Personnel Carry a Stretcher
  • On Patrol
  • Sniper